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ABOUT US Teams of college students were oriented to gender issues during a 2-day workshop held on Sept. 6& 7. At the end of Day 2, they came up with story ideas and/or scripts more...

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PROJECT / H R College (Team 1) – Making Stills


  • CATEGORY : chroma,
  • SKILLS : Short film using chroma screen
  • MY ROLE : Short film using chroma screen
  • URL : Launch →

Short film using chroma screen

HR College,Team 1: Short film using chroma screen

It’s a regular day at the bus stop for two college-going girls. The film is about the thoughts, feelings and emotions one of the girls undergoes when she realises that a man standing at the bus-stop is ogling at her friend.This brings back memories of her past which she is trying very hard to forget. The film highlights how girls and women feel violated in public places when males stare at them or sexually harass them.

Creative process and production:
The students had come up with the idea on Day 2 of the workshop. It was shared with GopiKukde and A.L. Sharadaand their inputs were incorporated. On the day of the shoot, a written script was shared with Yogi Chopra and the team of Can Communicate. The shoot was done using a large chroma (green) screen.As the situation unfolds at a bus stop,additional bus stop shots were taken to make it look more realistic and added in the post-production stage. Additional sounds were also recorded like honking, traffic etc.

Key question:Who will make public spaces safer for women?


  • Direction: Sanjay Ramachandran
  • Make-Up: Nausheen
  • Hair Specialist: Janhvi
  • DOP: Pramod
  • Editing: Ravi Toteja
  • Story and Script: College team comprising AnkitMalhotra, PallaviBhandari, Simone Saiya, NeetiMansinghka, ShrutiVenkat
  • Additional Music and Edit: Can Communicate


A Laadli Changemakers Club Initiative
Supported by UNFPA

- Two million female foetuses are aborted -
Source: United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)